It’s Real

When it’s this real, you can taste it. Gevina Farms was established with the goal to bring authentic Greek yogurts to the kosher market. Our main priority? To keep it real. Our yogurts are made out of real, fresh fruits that lend the yogurts their rich taste. The fruits are not only real; they are specially imported from Israel. This is to ensure that the flavors in your yogurt are bursting with deliciousness.

With three different kinds of Greek yogurts in a wide range of delicious flavors, there is always something fresh for you to dig into.

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Whether it’s the genuine Greek flavors or the realness of the fruit flavors, we pride ourselves on our mission to bring you down-to-earth, out-of-this-world flavor.


Like everything we do, our kashrus is at the highest standard of stringency. Strict guidelines and mashgichim on the production floors ensure that you receive quality kosher at the next level.


It’s always about the next step. About the next product or technology that will bring our products to the next level. Innovation is where we began and it’s what we strive toward, every day.